BBC Bitesize Dinosaur Footprints

Towards the end of 2015 Will Watts from our team was asked to help with some new films for BBC Bitesize all about the Jurassic Dinosaur Footprints of the Yorkshire Coast. Will had a great day with the film team and some fantastic pupils from Newby and Scalby Primary School, we added some pictures and words about the day as part of Scarborough Strata #11.

We were very excited to receive an email from Screenhouse Productions to say the films are now live on BBC Bitesize, so if you want to know more about our fabulous footprints have a watch. Here are the links to the two films…

We can also take you on a walk to see them, book here, or we can come to your school with all our dinosaurs and fossils or finally why not have a birthday party with a difference and come dinosaur hunting with us.


Will and some dinosaur footprints on the Yorkshire Coast.


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