Scarborough Strata #11


Normally this time of year is a little quieter for us in terms of taking groups out on the coast, but the last few weeks have been very busy indeed. In addition to a number of private fossil hunting trips (they make great Christmas presents!), and school groups, I was also involved with a very exciting days filming with BBC Bitesize.

We spent the day with TV presenter Steve Mould and a great group of pupils from Newby and Scalby school hunting for evidence of the dinosaurs that once roamed Scarborough. In between lots of muddy feet and trousers from going up and down wet paths, we found, measured and interpreted a great range of footprints.

The image I have chosen for this edition of ‘Scarborough Strata’ is actually a piece of dinosaur food, the same age as the footprints we find, but rather than a trace fossil this is the preserved remains of a ginkgo leaf, 165million years old. The ginkgo tree is often referred to as a living fossil, there are a number growing in Scarborough, although without their leaves they are not always easy to identify. They were very abundant during the Jurassic along with conifers, horsetails, tree ferns and horsetails.

Look out for the footprint films appearing on BBC Bitesize soon, we will publicise them via Facebook and Twitter.



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