The Dinosaur Company

We are very excited to be able to tell you some more about  our new partnership with educational designers Wooden Ark. We have teamed up to form The Dinosaur Company and we will be starting to develop a whole new range of fossil and dinosaur related products for retail. We will soon have our own own online shop up and running, and we also hope that museums shops and other retailers will start to stock some of the range.

Our first product is a series of dinosaur posters which we launched at the Yorkshire Fossil Festival, and already Dinosaur Isle museum on the Isle of Wight has ordered some for their shop. These posters are £7.95 each (including a tube), A1 in size and printed on heavy duty quality paper, we are really pleased with them and very soon you will be able to buy them online directly from us. If you cannot wait that long then drop us a message via here and we can organise payment in other ways, we can also advise on postage costs.

We are already looking a future products to add to the range, so feel free to send us any ideas or your wish list!

Dinosaur Company Posters.2-page-001 Dinosaur Company Posters.3-page-001 Dinosaur Company Posters.4-page-001 Dinosaur Company Posters.5-page-001

Dinosaur Company Posters.1-page-001


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