New collaborations…

We are very excited about some new collaborations, here is the official press release!
In the footsteps of dinosaurs – three Scarborough companies launch unique new products at Fossil Festival

 A unique new range of products and events with a dinosaur and fossil theme is to be launched at the 2015 Yorkshire Fossil Festival.

Three Scarborough-based companies – geological consultants and event organisers Hidden Horizons, publishers High Tide and educational designers Wooden Ark – will unveil the first of their new projects at the Festival, which takes place in and around Scarborough’s Rotunda Museum from 18 to 20 September.

The three will share a marquee where dinosaur fans and fossil hunters can get their first look at the new pocket edition of the popular book The Dinosaur Coast, by High Tide’s Roger Osborne, and an exciting and informative range of dinosaur posters by The Dinosaur Company, a joint venture from Hidden Horizons and Wooden Ark.

Hidden Horizons and High Tide are also coming together to provide a range of events and publications including educational Saturday sessions on geology for adults, starting in October. More details and booking information will be available at the Fossil Festival.

High Tide is run by Roger Osborne, a trained geologist and acclaimed author, and journalist Janis Bright; Hidden Horizons is headed by Will Watts, also a qualified geologist; and Wooden Ark is educational designers Tony and Georgina Richardson, who have worked for high profile clients including the Oxford University Press and the Imperial War Museum, for which they recently produced a children’s activity guide.

Roger Osborne says: “The Dinosaur Coast was first published 15 years ago, and has proved very popular – this new, pocket edition features updated content and new pictures. Visitors to the Fossil Festival will also be able to buy my other books on geology, including The Floating Egg and Rocks and Landscape of the North York Moors.

Will Watts says: “I’m very excited about teaming up with both High Tide and Wooden Ark. Roger and I have some fascinating events planned for the autumn, including some around the bi-centenary of William Smith’s groundbreaking map of the geological strata of England and Wales – and I’m thrilled with the range of posters which will be the first of many great products from The Dinosaur Company.”

Tony Richardson says: “Designing the first five posters for The Dinosaur Company – featuring a Utahraptor, Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Diplodocus – was a really enjoyable challenge. The finished posters are both decorative and informative.”

The second Yorkshire Fossil Festival is again run by Scarborough Museums Trust in partnership with The Palaeontogical Association. For more information, please visit:!fossil-festival/csj0

Hidden Horizons, High Tide Publishing, and Wooden Ark are all based in Scarborough’s Woodend Creative Workspace.

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