We are looking for an archaeologist…

First things first…this is not a proper job advert!

But, we would be interested in hearing from archaeologists who might be interested in joining up with us on some projects, there are no guarantees of work at this stage although we do have a couple of live projects that would benefit from some expertise.

Hidden Horizons uses a number of freelance associates on projects and to help with events. We already have natural historians, ecologists, astronomers, geologists, museum professionals and people with an education background. These people often have other jobs or their own freelance careers, but contribute immensely to the Hidden Horizons offer, and now we would like to explore adding an archaeologist to the pool.

We like to think that is is fun working with us, and we are very open minded about qualifications and experience. There is no job description or person spec, rather we are keen to work with people who share our views and ambitions, having said that we would love to hear from people with experience of archaeology in both formal and informal learning settings, the local (North Yorkshire) archaeological context, and finally expertise in pre-history would be an added bonus!

If you fancy a no obligation, confidential (if needed) and informal chat about this then please do email Will Watts, Director on will.watts@hiddenhorizons.co.uk or ring Will on 07964 759433.

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