Six questions for a Geological Curator – Isla Gladstone – Bristol

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In the second post in our series, Isla Gladstone answers our ‘six questions’. Isla is Senior Curator for Natural Sciences at Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives and will be managing this blog for GCG from now on. She has previously worked as a natural sciences curator in Yorkshire and Cornwall.

collage IG 6 Qs Bristol

Clockwise from top left: photograph of the holotype of the plesiosaur Attenborosaurus conybeari, lost in the Bristol Blitz of 1940; Isla in Bristol Museum’s geology store with an 8.5m long pliosaur discovered in 1994; local celestine; dinosaur fun at a family event.

1. What sort of Geological collections do you look after? (Mineralogy, Palaeontology, what fossil or mineral groups, other natural history groups too?)

I work with a small team to look after over 1.15 million natural sciences specimens collected from Bristol and the world since the late 1700s. This includes both biology (taxidermy, bones, pressed plants, pinned insects, shells…

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