Free Fossil Identifications

A selection of Jurassic ammonites from our teaching collection (picture by David Chalmers)

A selection of Jurassic ammonites from our teaching collection (picture by David Chalmers)

How many times have you found what you think is a fossil and wonder where to take it to find out for certain? Increasingly we have been getting emails and messages via Facebook and Twitter asking us just that question, ‘what have I found’, we love getting these enquiries as it is where we all started, finding things on the beach that are intriguing, beautiful or just plain weird.  So we are pleased to say that we will always do our best to answer any enquiries you send us, if we don’t know we will point you towards somebody who might, and as long as it is not for commercial gain we always do this for FREE.

If you do send us a picture of your find please try and include a scale (unlike in our picture!), where you found and it and when, or you could always make an appointment to come and see us at our base at Woodend in Scarborough, or bring it to one of our fossil hunting trips. If you are on Facebook or Twitter then why not share your image and question  there so other people can enjoy your discovery.

Of course there are plenty of other places to gain information about your fossil finds, and we would always recommend a visit to your local museum or contacting a local geology group etc.  There are also plenty of online forums and excellent identification books and guides available, the power of Google comes to the fore here!

So show us what you have found and we will enjoy helping you discover more about your finds, and you never know it just might be something brand new to science…


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