4.6 Billion Years re-told in 3 hours…

The planet we call home is 4,600,000,000 years old, and we are just one of the millions of species that has inhabited Earth in that time, 99.9% of which are now extinct. Difficult to comprehend?

Join geologist and Hidden Horizons Director, Will Watts for three easy 1-hour talks and get ‘hands-on’ with fossils and some of the oldest rocks in the solar system.

April 15th The Pre-Cambrian and the Palaeozoic  (252 – 4,600 Million Years Ago)

The first lecture will cover the majority of the Earth’s history, including the initial formation of Earth, the very first organisms, and the origins of invertebrates, fish, amphibians and plants.  It will be a whistle-stop tour of the evolution of a fiery mass of molten rock through the origin of oceans, to deserts and steamy swamps – all of which nearly came to a very abrupt end 252 million years ago.

April 22nd The Mesozoic (65 – 252 Million Years Ago)

Also known as the Age of Reptiles, the Mesozoic is famous for one group of animals, the dinosaurs.  This lecture will look at where dinosaurs came from and what made them so successful.  It will make extensive use of Scarborough’s very own dinosaur footprints, which are of worldwide significance.

 April 29th The Cenozoic (0 – 65 Million Years Ago)

The final lecture will start with the demise of the dinosaurs… just what did end their reign?  We will then look at what groups of animals moved into the ecological niches left behind, including giant birds and mammals. We will end with a look at where humans fit into this very long story, and what the future might hold for our planet (geologically speaking of course!).

Where Tuesdays, 1 – 2pm – Woodend Creative Workspace, Scarborough.

Who for Anybody with an interest in the history of our planet and its inhabitants! All ages welcome, though best for 12yrs+.

How much Standard – £5 per talk (£12 for all 3), Concessions – £4 per talk (£9 for all 3)

Booking Via Woodend Reception, 01723 384500, info@woodendcreative.co.uk

Download 4.6 Billion Years Poster


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