Welcome to Hidden Horizons

LogoAs the title says welcome to Hidden Horizons, or more specifically our Blog.  So just what is, or who are Hidden Horizons?

Established in 2013 by Will Watts, we offer museum consultancy services, covering all areas of museum and heritage operations and we are also developing an exciting range of public and school events based on the outstanding geology and natural history of this part of North Yorkshire.

Our new website is being developed at the moment, but to keep in touch with our plans  and events then why not follow us on Twitter or give us a like on Facebook.  We would love to hear from anybody who has any ideas about how they may want to work with us, or perhaps you just fancy a quick rockpooling trip, dinosaur footprint hunt or you need a dinosaur session for your school.

This Blog will be updated regularly with news, ideas, thoughts and generally anything we really like and think others may enjoy. But for now why not enjoy this fantastic image of Scarborough South Bay courtesy of Tony Bartholomew with a wintery squall about to hit Castle Headland.  We will come back to the Headland in a future post, if only to give the background to our logo, which we are rather pleased with (thanks Inchpunch Design), we hope you like it too.

© Tony Bartholomew 07802 400651 mail@bartpics.co.uk

Scarborough South Bay © Tony Bartholomew


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